Sins Venials - Aceena

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None. Technically Aceena's illness.

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Adam Schloss

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The Eighth chapter of Sins Venials jumps back, once again, to a Host before Rhett, but after Miranda. It follows Aceena, a sick child.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter opens with Aceena opening gifts. Including an awesome stuffed monocled dog. Oh yeah, also including the silver Gauntlet.

Aceena hears someone. She asks who it is. It is Lust, who introduces herself as a Sin, although Aceena thinks she's her imaginary friend. Aceena wants to play dress-up. First Lust needs a body, so she requests to be taken on the Hard Unlocking Route. Aceena reveals that she has a disability. Lust insists on doing it the easy way, but Aceena wants to do it the hard way when she's better. Aceena is tired so she asks Lust to tell her a bedtime story.

Lust decides to tell the Story of The First Host, in a fairytale twist: There were Seven Kings and Queens. They had a princess. They had a very strong knight with magic weapons. There were Seven evil wizards who didn't like the rulers. They had minions, who were easy work for the Knight. But, the wizards were to strong for the Knight, and they killed him. The Seven Rulers fought the Wizards, but they were stupid, while the Wizards were well constructed. The rulers lost. The rulers were trapped inside the very weapon of magic they forged for the knight.

Time passes. Aceena's friend Rory comes to visit her. Lust indicates that Aceena has a crush on him. Accena soon grows tired and falls asleep. Soon Lust notices someone spying on them, who turn out to be Envy and Greed. They missed Lust; she has been gone for weeks. They find out about Aceena's predicament.

Aceena stops breathing. Lust goes to get help. To keep her stable, Greed possesses her.

Lust seeks out the help of a Necromancer. In exchange for his services, she will not kill his son. However, the Necromancer has placed charms on his son preventing harm from demons. As an alternate payment, Lust will support a demon to help him in his work. He accepts, except he ends up giving it to his son. The assistant is Slander, a fan created Vice.

Back to Greed-possessed Aceena, it is requesting cake and other good stuff. It needs her shots first.

Lust returns with medicine to cure Aceena, but Greed is vomiting. He can't take it. So he gets more shots. Eventually, Greed is able to drink it and leaves her body.

Content appears with a proposition: earn freedom or stay shackled to Aceena. For her friend's sakes, but resentful at having to make such a choice, she chooses freedom. Aceena wakes up without her Gauntlet and cries.