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First Comic

Sins Venials, Kep page 5

Only seen the one time in Sins Venials, Avidity is Hoarding's associate and one of his Vices.

Avidity used to be a mortal thief. She made the mistake of stealing some of Greed's possessions when he was bound. Instead of fighting over the goods, Greed just stole her in turn, along with the objects she stole from him. She is the third known Vice that did not originate as a Vice (the other two being Grandeur, originally a mortal, and Fortune, originally a Tarot).

Avidity categorises and tidies Greed's pocket dimension. In return, Greed has to steal the odd painting for her gallery.

Avidity can instantly appraise items and see any weak points. She can also enhance the value of any item she comes in contact with.


Avidity was created by Mr. Kiey for the "Design a Vice" contest. She lost out to Slander, but was not forgotten.

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