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Created By

The Sins


To create balance between the Virtues, the Sins, and the Tarot

First Comic

Sins Venials Balance (Chapter) 5

Hair Color


A relative newcomer to the cosmic forces, Balance was created by the Sins when they attempted to use the energy of Death to create a new force by spreading word of one. Eventually, this created Balance. Unfortunately for the Sins, Balance turned out to be a ditzy airhead when they spent more time promoting her physical appearance than anything else. After meeting both the Sins and Virtues, she set off to restore the damage to the universe done by the various opposing forces and to fight crime, the main topic the Sins used to promote her influence.

Balance's power revolves mainly around giving people and things what they deserve to keep things even. This is usually in a physical sense, such as providing meat for Gluttony and jewelry for Lust, suggesting she has a pocket space inventory like Hoarding. She also has impressive physical strength, enough to take out Joy in a single punch, but it only activates in times of need.