Sins Venials- Baxter

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Baxter, Lust (Golem)

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Adam Schloss

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The Seventh Chapter of Sins Venials follows Baxter, a host with aspirations to be a superhero.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter starts with Baxter unlocking Pride from her collared form, a small child. Modesty attacks the Sins and Baxter, and Lust leads an escape. Now that every Sin has been unlocked, he asks if he gets superpowers.

But what if he allows the Sins to posses him? These are technically superpowers. Baxter gets a costume made (it's pretty much just goggles). Lust doesn't want Baxter to hurt himself, so she gets fully unlocked and becomes his sidekick.

Baxter starts his Superpowered crusade. First a man stealing a wallet. There is a incident with taunting a girl over cooties. Eventually he decides to take on a bigger menace. Pirates. Baxter beats the crew while one pirate gives Lust a massage.

Lust is tired, and makes Pride chaperon him. All the power goes to his head and he does minor crimes with extreme punishments (Jaywalking, dirty windows, mismatching socks). "Not again..." sighs Greed (referring to a certain prior host).

Gluttony reports Baxter's pettiness to Lust. Though a certain someone points out the word. It appears to be The Golem of Pettiness, in a tree, but Pettiness isn't possessing it. The Golem refuses to fight in his state (missing his right side).

Baxter shows up, prepared to punish Lust for doing "nothing" while he does "justice". Envy throws a punch to protect Lust. Baxter is convinced he is at the center of a mutiny. Anger and Sloth attack Bax. He makes easy work of them. However, Greed, punches himself in the chest, which is a portal, therefore allowing his fist to hurt Baxter all over the place. But eventually, he defeats Greed. The only one left is Pride. She can't fight! Its not in her! But! Her bad luck power makes a tree fall on Baxter, though he gets up and catches Pride.

Lust finally defeats him. Unfortunately, he crashes into a building, and the arm which the Gauntlet is on, rips off.

Appearing out of the distance is Lust's Golem Body who calls Lust a daft moron. Sick of being insulted, Lust assaults the two golems on the scene, Pettiness and Lust, ending with her being "sick of listening to you (Pettiness) speak", so she rips out his tongue. The Golem body finally dies. Lust rip's her golem body's arm off. She grows a new one and exits.

Greed has bandaged up Baxter, and they take him home.

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