Gluttony (Plant Form)

Formerly Known As

Craving (Vice)


None; demons have no gender, but it identifies itself as a female (Humanoid) or a genderless being (Plant)

Opposing Virtue



Feasting, Craving, Gorging

First Comic

Fully Unlocked By


Hair Color

Green (under Aska), pink, or brown (from Balance onwards)

Shape of Collared Form

Venus Fly Trap

Shade Color


Craving is a rather unusual demon. She first appeared as a Venus Fly Trap-like creature. She has the ability to take on a humanoid appearance. The first time she did this, she surprised everyone by being female, which went unasked for at least three hosts. When Craving takes on a humanoid form, it's usually a girl with plant-like features, i.e. petal-like hair and clothes made of leaves. Despite her 'gender', she is extremely unfeminine in behavior and gives in to her sin a lot, mostly cramming anything edible down her throat. Aside from attempting to eat any and all types of food, she has repeatedly munched on Flattery's head, starved a town, tried to eat Fina and Meena and even made an attempt at Lust when the two hosts called her "raspberries".

After a long time serving as Gluttony, Craving's body started to break down at a Forces party hosted by Balance. Her plant-like body dried up, and her right arm broke off. According to Pride, if a Gluttony incarnation does not eat enough, its body starts to feed off itself, slowly weakening the demon and requiring a replacement to be found. Even the constant eating of Craving was not enough to keep her going. Returning to the Spirit Realm allowed Craving to recover, but she had to step down from her role of Gluttony. Despite Pride finding two suitable replacements, Craving insisted on her sister Gorging replacing her.

The many faces of Gluttony