Envy, also an ass

Formerly Known As

Desire (Vice)


None, demons have no gender, but identifies itself as a male

Opposing Virtue



Desire, Flattery, Jealousy

First Comic

Sins, Chapter 2, Page 24

Fully Unlocked By


Shade Color


Shape of collared form

Mini version of self

Desire was the Vice who replaced Envy after retirement. Desire is able to increase his size and strength, which comes in very useful for the Sins when they have to do tasks requiring hard labor. Even though his opposing Virtue is Content, Labor has a deep grudge against Desire, and will fight him just to prove he is stronger.

Desire and Hoarding were friends before they became Sins. Desire felt that it was his duty to look after Hoarding, because of his friend's weakness, and the tendency of larger demons to pick on Hoarding. Desire was approached to become a Sin, but he refused unless Hoarding could become one as well. Since Hoarding was a Vice of Greed, this would mean that Greed had to step down as a Sin, something he was loath to do because he loved his job. However, after a vote, Desire was voted in as the new Envy, and Greed had no choice but to resign.

Desire is always perving on women, especially Lust. Even though this is supposed to be part of Lust's life, Desire managed to creep her out by the frequency and intensity of his comments.

Desire later retired without telling the other Sins, putting Flattery in his place. Desire felt that his presence endangered the group, especially after he was beaten up by Labor. Also, after learning that Lust was married to Rhett, Desire started to feel uncomfortable with his constant desire for a married woman.

Desire currently lives with Devotion in the Spirit Realm.