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Sins Venials, Tarot (Chapter)

The leader of the Tarot, Empress is the one who leads her group trying to find a place to call home. When Lust arrived, she and the other Tarots all sat down with her to share lunch, only for Lust to end up stabbing her shortly after wounding Justice. The Hierophant eventually dragged them away while Fortune joined the Sins and became Pride. Empress eventually died from her wounds, but reincarnated into a child form that Fortune found adorable. During that time, she recruited several new members to her group and decided to take up permanent residence in the Sins world.

Empress also suffered a personality shift from the incident. While she was initially open and friendly, if a bit stuck-up by calling Lust a "mortal", she turned downright bitter towards Fortune when they next met, chastising her for not trying to avenge them and joining the Sins. Her determination to find a home also grew dangerously aggressive when she attempted to kill Jin in order to take out the Sins.