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Thom Khatt (art by several Forum members)

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The Tenth chapter of Sins Venials is the only chronological chapter not written by Pip. It follows a Farmer who uncovers the Gauntlet by accident and uses the Sins for farm work.

Plot Summarry Edit

The chapter starts with a struggling Farmer farming. He finds the golden Gauntlet under the dirt. Lust appears. She begins to introduce herself, but the Farmer reveals he is a huge fan of the Sins. The Farmer shows her a book on them. "Sinning for Fun and Profit" by Aska. This is probably a copy of the book that Harmond bought alongside the Gauntlet in an auction. The farmer summons the rest of the Sins in a surprisingly dramatic fashion.

He has no time to unlock them with bodies, so he makes them all possess animals. Lust becomes a Centaur (a reference to Thom's work on the comic, Accidental Centaurs.) Farmer rides around on Lust and turns Envy into a bull, Sloth into a cat, Greed into a rat, Anger into a dog, Gluttony into a pig, and Pride into a Chicken. She freaks out over this, and Farmer points out she could have been a slug. Many weeks pass and the Sins gradually adapt to their new life. Some cope better than others, such as Envy starts hitting on cows, and others not so much, as Pride has some children (she lays eggs).

As the farm prospers, the Farmer wants money, and begins to harass the townsfolk. After he keeps on tormenting the people, somebody chucks a stone on the back of his head. The Gauntlet disappears. He is going to die, so Lust transfers his soul into the body of a horse. A female horse. Now a centaur, the farmer leads her life, and the Sins leave.