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Sins Venials Fletcher (Chapter) 1



Fletcher is the Host of the Sins chronologically after Meena and Fina. As the first host after the departure of Craving and the instatement of Gorging as Gluttony, Fletcher found himself highly confused when Lust tried to instruct Gorging on what happens when a host finds the Sins and is set to unlock them the hard way.

Fletcher developed animosity towards Lust when they found their first Sin-possessed creature. When Lust threatened to kill the creature to release the Sin, Fletcher refused, stating that living beings should not be harmed or ordered around. Claiming all creatures are cuddly, Fletcher was soon followed by four animals that were possessed by the Sins.

When Fletcher traced Fortune, who usually possesses people, he startled her and caused her to drop a bowl on him. This reinforced Fletcher's love for animals and his dislike of people. Because Lust was humanoid at the time, he made his dislike quite clear. Lust took this as a personal reject, and took revenge by providing Fletcher with a bag of kittens. Because non-possessed animals attack the soulless hosts, Fletcher was bitten and scratched and no longer liked animals, to Lust's great satisfaction. However, due to the wounds he received, Fletcher was targeted by Gorging in her hunger for blood. The other Sins managed to subdue her to prevent her from killing Fletcher. After Greed patched him up, Fletcher displayed signs of emotional trauma and a streak of madness by proclaiming that plants were safe to like, after people and animals had failed. Fletcher was taken to the temples to unlock the Sins' true forms, after which he was left at his house and the Sins fled. His father found him and noticed he was unresponsive and shivering.

It is quite possible that Fletcher was unprepared for how cruel some of the Sins could be, leading to his emotional trauma. Whether he recovers is not known. However, it is hinted that with some tender loving care from his mother, he may yet recover.