"Force" is the collective term for supernatural beings who embody a certain idea or characteristic. Forces are maintained through the belief of people, which give shape and power to the Force in question. Forces can be weakened by proving they are personified, rather than ideas, since that would give people a rational explanation for a normally abstract concept. Forces are not fully mortal, even though some can be killed. Forces can be demons, spirits, or even mortal souls who have been converted to force status by another force. All forces have some sort of supernatural power or trait that has to do with their embodied idea (such as the ability to channel luck for Fortune, or the inability to eat voluntarily for Fast).

Known forces are:

  • The Sins, who are immortal, but can be killed by the unnatural death of their Host.
  • The Virtues, who are immortal and cannot leave their roles as Virtues, unless people stop believing in them.
  • The Vices, underlings of the Sins who oversee sub-domains of the Sin's areas of expertise.
  • The Tarot, who embody the major arcana of the Tarot cards. Their powers vary. They can be killed, but they are reborn with their old memories after they die, and have to grow up again.
  • Death, a force who has lost a great deal of power due to humanity understanding how death occurs, and necromancy defeating death on numerous occasions. Death has since joined the Tarot.
  • Balance, a force created by the Sins from the leftover energy after Death's defeat at the combined hands of the Sins and Chastity.
  • The Fates. Not much is known about The Fates, but in Roman mythology, Fates were more powerful than Gods. Existence of The Fates in the Sins world is implied when Desire is first introduced and is talking to Hoarding about Lust "being hot, for a figureless shade." Hoarding responds by saying "I once had a thing for one of the Fates"