Formerly Known As

Gorging (Vice)


None; demons have no gender, but it identifies itself as a female

Opposing Virtue



Feasting, Craving, Gorging

First Comic

Fully Unlocked By


Hair Color


Shade Color

Pale blue

Collared form


Released form

Same as sin, but with legs, and black clothes

Gorging is the sister of Craving, and she became the new Gluttony after Craving ran out of energy. Because demons do not reproduce naturally, Gorging and Craving are not biological sisters. Rather, they were spawned from the same energy source, released when a previous demon (or demons) was destroyed.

Gorging was trained to be the Gluttony before Craving; however, somehow, Craving got the job instead, and Gorging was angry about that for a long time. However, when Craving was brought home after her energy ran out, Gorging was fiercely protective of her sister, and even wanted to attack Sharing, believing he had harmed her. Craving insisted that her sister got the job, rather than one of two replacements Pride had found.

Whereas her sister is as much plant as she is demon, Gorging truly is the humanoid shape in which she was first seen. She feeds with leeching tentacles protruding from mouths on the palms of her hands. Gorging has no mouth on her face. It is not known whether she communicates telepathically or through the mouths on her hands. She does not get set off by just any food, like her sister, but she thrives on blood and raw meat, and loses control at the smell of fresh blood. She was set to kill a wounded host because of her incredible longing for his blood.