Formerly Known As

None, Greed is an original sin


None, demons have no gender, but refers to itself as male

Opposing Virtue



Hoarding, Avidity

First Comic

Sins Venials Alicia (Chapter) 25

Fully Unlocked By


This page is about the original Greed. For other Sins referred to as Greed, see Greed (Disambiguation)

An Original Sin, Greed was a monkey-like being whose speciality was disarming the Virtues. He has a tendency to refer to himself in the third-person, a trait shared by Hoarding. When the original Envy quit and the Sins tried to recruit Desire, he would only do so in Hoarding was brought in to replace Greed. While Greed had earned his place, the other Sins needed someone who could take on Labor, and Greed was voted out of his position.

Greed uses its tail to swipe objects and to disarm foes, but it loses interest in the stolen objects very quickly.

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