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Sins Venials Harmond (Chapter) 3


Entrepreneur/Day Laborer

One of the more unique Sin hosts, Harmond bought the gauntlet at an auction that Aska had ended up leaving it at. His plan was to use the power of the Sins to grant people's wishes for money, believing he'd have no competition, become incredibly wealthy and everyone would love him for it. He also had a rulebook created by Aska that came with the gauntlet, detailing how to use their powers more effectively, which he used to keep them under his control. After several months of this, the Sins grew tired to stretching themselves so thin and having to work for him. Using Sloth's power to prevent him from gaining help when irate customers came to clobber him when the Sins' powers wore out, Harmond eventually set them free and was forced to hand over the money he had earned.

Harmond was later recruited by the Greed golem for a plan to take revenge on Lust. The golem plotted to manipulate Perrin, whose golem body was falling apart, into attacking Rhett and Lust, while he and Harmond hid nearby to observe. However, all the girl wanted was to provoke Lust just enough to euthanize her. While the golem was frustrated at the plan's failure, Harmond was shocked and appalled by the scene, not knowing the true nature of the plot he'd supported. Because of this, he punched the golem through the chest with his gauntlet, destroying the golem.