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The fourth Chapter of Sins Venials surrounds Harmond, a rare adult Host.

Plot SummaryEdit

Flying Guy Cant Fly

An angry customer of Harmond

The chapter opens with the Silver Gauntlet being sold at an auction. The winner is Harmond, a business man with red slicked back hair. It comes with a guidebook, which was written by Aska. Harmond wants to make the Sins work for him in a dream-granting company. He succeeds, using the Sins powers as a ploy to make it seem like wishes are granted. After several months of being over worked, the Sins steal the book Harmond is using to make sure everything he says cannot be misconstrued. People find out that Harmond is a fraud and beat the crap out of him, aided by Sloth using his powers to make him too sleep to give commands. He gives the Sins 3/4 of his profits and must live an honest life.

The chapter ends with Lust mentioning that something bothered her.