Formerly known as

Jealousy (vice)


None, demons have no gender

Opposing Virtue



Desire, Flattery, Jealousy

First Comic

Sins Chapter 32, page 35

Fully unlocked by


Shade color

Same as self

Collared form

Unseen as of yet

Released form

Same as shade form

Jealousy is the current incarnation of Envy. Jealousy replaced Flattery when he quit following a row with the Sins. Jealousy's arrival during Marlowe's time as a Host was just in time to restore the world after Flattery's departure upset the balance.

Jealousy can copy and use the powers of up to two other Sins and Vices by touching them. It takes on some physical attributes of them as well, such as extra arms from Hoarding and tentacles from Gorging. It can discard the powers at will. It doesn't know automatically how to use the powers, which can lead to unexpected situations. When Jealousy tried to copy Fortune's powers, a meteor came speeding towards the Sins. It returned to space when Jealousy discarded Fortune's powers. Jealousy cannot take on the form of mortals. Whether or not it can take on the forms and abilities of all Forces or just those of the Sins and Vices is not clear.