Forehead, takes delight in all her actions, whether good or bad.



Opposing Sin


Weapon Of Choice


First Comic

Hair Color


Joy is arguably the Virtue whose nature least matches her name. She is very apathetic towards her job, except when she stands to gain from it. She is usually seen to be in a bad mood, but can feel joy in her actions if they stand to cause misfortune or suffering to others. (schadenfreude)

An exception to this was when Balance threw a party for all Forces, and she admitted that she had fun (just before Fortune accidentally set her on fire through an errant fireworks spark).

Joy is not adverse to attacking fellow Virtues if the need arises. After Chastity received some bad news about the death of "the original source", she recalled all Virtues to Limbo. Labor refused to come, as he was waiting for Envy to show for a fight, but Joy stabbed him in the leg and head to force him to stop and return.

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