Virtue Labor


Chest, Prevents long periods of rest



Opposing Sin

Sloth (But he is a rival of Desire)

Weapon Of Choice


First Comic

Hair Color


One of the seven Virtues, Labor acts as the strongman of the group, able to perform impressive feats and hold his own in combat. Once enraged, he becomes berserk and will destroy everything in his path, including the other Virtues. For a long time, he had a special relationship with Desire, as the two were in competition to see which one was stronger. When Desire passed his mantle on to Flattery, the result caused Labor to let the Sins go free out of depression. When Flattery was subsequently replaced by Jealousy, he was excited to have again a rival able to withstand his blows, but as Jealousy still did not master his powers enough to face him, he let the Sins go again, after warning them not to replace this one.