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Formerly Known As

None, Lust is an original Sin


None, demons have no gender, but identifies itself as a female

Opposing Virtue



Luxuria, Longing, Dominance

First Comic

Sins Chapter 2, Page 3

Fully Unlocked By

Rhett, Baxter

Hair Color

Purple, Pink, Blonde

Shade Color


Collared form

Same as sin, but reletivly stupid and naive

Released form

Same as sin, but with legs, tan skin, colored hair, and clothes

Lust is the unofficial leader of the seven Sins. She is outspoken, but still cares quite deeply for her fellow Sins. She is frequently the first Sin encountered by the Hosts. She tends to have a hard time using her powers for evil, as shown in Aska's storyline. She has an awkward relationship with Chastity, because they are polar opposites in nature, yet very alike in personality.

Lust is an Original Sin, one of only two left. She was demoted to Vice status temporarily when Luxuria took up the mantle of Lust during the Golem period. Lust is one of the few Sins ever to return to full power after becoming a Vice.

Although Lust cares for her fellow sins a lot, she has no qualms about betraying them and allowing them to be bound so she can stay free, and she is not above beating them up (or threatening to) if she deems it necessary. She can display amazing strength and an extremely fiery temper, such as when attacking the host body of the recently elevated Envy during Alicia's stint as Host after it attacked her, as well as killing Greed's host body when Meena and Fina were hosts with a single blow to the head.

Lust frequently displays a lust for revenge, and her idea of vengeance is frequently quite cruel. For example, she gave a bag of kittens to Fletcher after he snubbed her, knowing that animals attack the soulless Hosts.

Lust is also notably the only sin to have an ongoing relationship, which is with Rhett. She loved him enough to hire Murdoch to give Rhett a semi-eternal supply of golems for Rhett to use.

She also has a strong relationship with Sloth, as they are the only original sins. He is usually on her shoulder and he protected her in the original Sin vs Virtue fight. She was devestaed when he was found on Pride's shoulder, but forgave him when he asked for forgiveness.

Lust sees the child Hosts similar to children of her own. Addison was adopted by Rhett and Lust, and Addison took to calling her "mom". She explained to Pace that she couldn't have real children, therefore she had the Hosts instead.