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To destroy the other Golems. To destroy Lust

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The Lust Golem was originally a golem body constructed for Lust by Murdoch. She originally designed the golem body to have a smaller chest and narrow hips, but over time, her influence leaked out and her figure grew to more prominent dimensions. She was unable to keep herself from being sexy and men kept proposing to her. She started wearing glasses to lower her sexiness, but they made her cuter. Plus, her lower back was aching, which never happened before.

This was when she called the other Sins together, whose bodies were also starting to deteriorate. They went to Murdoch so they could be removed, which he did so with great relish. (He smashed them with a big hammer.) But when he was about to crack open Lust's body, he noted that she wasn't Lust anymore. This was because Luxuria, who had taken Lust's place during her 'vacation', was unwilling to step down. After some argument, Luxuria agreed to step down if Lust proved that she was Lust, through the most intimate way possible. Luxuria figured that Lust was too reserved to consider doing so, but was unaware that Lust had commissioned Murdoch to build a golem body for Rhett. After several hours, if not a whole day, of nonstop sex, Lust won back her title, but decided to wait until Rhett's body deteriorated before she returned to her duties.

But because of Murdoch's habit of dumping used golem bodies in the same place, Lust's discarded golem body was brought to life by remnants of the original Anger's power from Perrin, along with the other golems. Since she was the least damaged, she was the most powerful of the golems. She teamed up with the Pettiness Golem during Baxter's term. The Pettiness's golem's influence caused Baxter to go on a vindictive 'vengeance' spree. This ended when Lust killed the Pettiness Golem and ripped off the Lust Golem's right arm. However, the Lust Golem grew a longer arm composed of a purple substance. The Lust Golem ran off, swearing to get revenge.

Apparently, the Lust Golem had the ability to assimilate other Golems after they had been killed. This was discovered by the Sins when Murdoch found the gruesome remains of the Desire and Craving Golems. It is assumed that the Lust Golem had already assimilated the Pettiness and Hoarding Golems. It is unknown whether it had assimilated the Sloth/Fortune Golem yet. Since the Lust Golem seemed to be getting stronger, the Sins had Rhett request the original Anger for a talisman to track the Lust Golem with.

At some point, the Lust Golem managed to release Death, ripping and replacing off her other arm in the process.