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None, demons have no gender, but identifies itself as a female

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First Comic

Sins Venials, Aska Page 37

Luxuria is one of Lust's Vices. The most treacherous of the Vices, Luxuria desires to overthrow Lust and take her position for her own. She's also shown to be nasty to her fellow Vices, mainly Deception whom she's used as a foot stool.

While normally unable to do much to Lust, Luxuria did succeed in taking over as Lust during the two-year period while the Sins were inhabiting Golem bodies. Unlike the other Vices who filled in, who stepped down when the Sins came back, she decided to keep her job and leave Lust stuck in a Golem body. To further add insult, Luxuria demanded Lust earn her position back by doing what the sin of lust would entail - namely, sex. Using a resurrected Rhett and a loophole in the rules, Lust succeeded in forcing Luxuria to step down and took her title back.