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Sins Venials, Maxwell and Tobin (Chapter) Page 3

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Maxwell is a Vice who plotted a revenge scheme with Tobin.

Role in Plot Edit

Maxwell was first introduced with Tobin. Tobin is a host, as evident by his Gauntlet. It is still unknown what Maxwell's motif for collecting the Sins is, but he is most likely previously acquainted with Tobin. Regardless of why, both Maxwell and Tobin are both great at catching Sins, as pointed out by Lust. Also, Maxwell is capable of sensing the Sins' presence, to the point of knowing whether a host body is still possessed or not.

For some curious reason, Maxwell is tied up every night at Tobin's bedside. This is because he had to leave his possesed body to recharge in the Spirit Realm, and he didn't want it to get away.

As it turned out, Maxwell was possessed by the Vice who stood in for Pride while she had her Golem body. The Vice was ticked off because of the lack of gratitude displayed for its work.

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