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Sins Venials Meena Fina (Chapter) 1/5

The only known case of two simultaneous Hosts, Meena and Fina are twin sisters who set out to unlock the Sins the hard way. Unfortunately for the Sins, only one has the real gauntlet, with the other having a duplicate version that was made after the real one was acquired. Neither twin will admit which is the real one, forcing the Sins to follow both their orders. Hoarding attempted to distinguish them early on by cutting one's hair short, but that proved ineffective when they decided to both have their hair cut the same. The twins used food as affectionate names for the Sins, according to their colors, calling Lust "Raspberry", Hoarding was "Chocolate", Pettiness was "Blueberries", Sloth was "Grape", Flattery was "Carrot man" (to his chagrin, since he is a pumpkin) and Fortune was "Lemon". Craving did not get a nickname, as she tried to attack and eat the twins, and they took an instant dislike to her. The names persisted, as after almost 14 years, Lust and Fortune were still referred to as "Ms. R" and "Ms. L".

After finding all the Sins, the twins did not want to set out to unlock them, but they wanted to go home and have the Sins meet their mommies (who were brothel workers). Realising the danger of universal unbalance, Lust had the Sins travel past Envy's temple, so they could meet with Content and have her help out. Pretending to be an evil wizard, she tried to scare the twins into working with the Sins. However, the twins saw through it and simply called her "Grass lady" due to her green hair. She then froze one of the twins, at Lust's request, hoping the other twin would listen to the Sins and set about freeing them, since that was supposed to break the "curse". This plan backfired when the other twin tried to help the frozen one, causing them both to freeze and freezing the Sins with them. Content had to unfreeze the twins again and have them go through the ritual of unlocking each Sin. This was made easier by Content opening up teleportation rifts, bypassing all the obstacles guarding the temples. She enlisted Sharing's help as well.

After going through the full set, Content and Sharing departed, and Meena and Fina were taken home by Lust, Pettiness and Fortune. The twins did not want them to leave, and Lust and Fortune pretended to be teachers so they could stay with them, for what they assumed would only be a few years (based on what they experienced with Alicia). However, it would be 14 years before the Sins would be released by the twins.