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Sins Venials Miranda (Chapter) 1

Miranda is, chronologically, the first Host we meet in Sins Venials. She was the daughter of a church minister. Nothing is known about her mother, who died before she became a Host.

Miranda found the golden gauntlet when cleaning the church. Initially, she didn't wish to put it on, but temptation proved too much, and she released the Sins. Initially shocked by the fact that she freed the Sins into the world, Miranda quickly changed course and saw this as her divine gift. She felt that she was chosen by divine spirits to reform the Sins and make them turn from their "wicked ways", as she put it. Even when the Sins tried to convince her that being a Sin was just a job, Miranda did not waver from her purpose to reform them. She made the Sins help her in church, doing some simple chores such as cleaning and chopping firewood. Envy, being the tallest, was made to clean high up; Sloth and Gluttony, being small, were made to clean down low. Anger was to chop firewood, Pride was to use its power to appear like Miranda when she went out, so that her father would not worry, and Lust was to help Miranda by going door-to-door with leaflets/books. Miranda learned the hard way that animals dislike people without souls, when a supposedly very friendly dog attacked her.

The Sins told Miranda their story, how they came to exist and how their powers are channeled through the gauntlets. They mentioned the Virtues, trying to convince Miranda how jaded and bitter they were, but Miranda said that the Sins would simply describe the Virtues that way because they were evil.

After a few months, when Miranda and the Sins were at a stream in Winter, they witnessed a boating accident. Two of the boat's three occupants drowned, but Envy managed to snatch the third man out of the water before he died. Since his body could not be saved, Pride separated the dying man's spirit from his body, tapping him as a Vice. This created the Vice Grandeur, who would replace Pride for the next couple of hosts. Miranda felt that giving up his power was a sign that Pride had started to reform, saying that her "treatment has worked" and the Sins were no longer so evil.

We last see Miranda as a young adult, after accepting a teaching job and releasing the Sins. She still warns them that she'll keep an eye out, in case they turn to evil ways again.

During Rhett's time as host, Hoarding pulled out a glass of water that he stole from Miranda, claiming he had been carrying it around for over a century. It is therefore safe to say that Miranda had passed away by the time the Sins met Rhett.