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Sins Venials Perrin (Chapter) 10

Murdoch is a necromancer encountered by the Sins when they came up against the Anger-possessed remains of Perrin, a previous host. The Sins thought they had destroyed Perrin, but they never realized that a soul cannot be destroyed completely. Murdoch helped the Sins overcome Perrin by providing her with a Golem body. The Sins then requested Golem bodies for themselves as well. Murdoch provided these, but he asked some of the Sin's energy as payment.

Murdoch's forehead sports a single red horn, the result of his work poisoning his body.

Unbeknownst to her, Lust encountered Murdoch before their meeting with Perrin. When the sickly Aceena was at death's door, Lust went to a necromancer and decided to provide him with a demon guide, Slander, in return for medicine for Aceena. The necromancer decided to help, but he requested that Slander be passed to his son instead. When Lust encounters Slander in Murdoch's lab, she realizes that Murdoch is actually much older than he looks, and that he was the son of the necromancer she asked for help.

Rather than making a golem body for himself, Murdoch can rework his own body with his powers, keeping him young in body yet old in spirit.

The Sin GolemsEdit

After obtaining the Golem bodies, the Sins discovered that they were breaking down faster than expected. They sought out Murdoch in an attempt to return to their normal state as shades. Murdoch offered them two methods, the fun way or the hard way. Asking for the fun way, the Sins got the brunt of Murdoch's fun as he used a mallet to smash the golem bodies to pieces. However, infused as they were with the Sin's essences, the remains of the bodies became sentient in their own right. The Envy and Gluttony golems returned to Murdoch and wished to be repaired, and they started posing as his wife and daughter, creating a surrogate family.