The Original Sins are the first 7 that carried the title of "Sins", and embody in manner of powers and appearance their titular Sin. Their history is muddled, but what is known is that the original Sins were once quite powerful, but after being defeated by the 7 Virtues they were enslaved to two gauntlets, one gold and one silver, and forced to serve a master of the Virtues' choosing.

The Passing of the Sins Edit

The Original Sins are for the most part no longer active in current times, though bound to the gauntlets the Original Sins are able to "quit" by giving up their title of Sin to another, usually to one of their servant Vices. Original Sins do this for various reasons, such as growing weary of their fate after centuries, sacrificing themselves for another and being a traitorous attempted apocalypse-starting dog. They then return to the underworld/spirit realm/"Low Hanging"/demon realm/abyss of shadows/Alabama or reader's preferred regional title for where the darker half of existence lies.

Those Remaining Edit

The only active Original Sins are Lust, who uses her considerable experience and strength as an Original Sin to be both permanent leader and voice for the group, as well not wishing to inflict her duties on others, and Sloth, who is too lazy to make the effort to retire and be even more lazy. The original Anger is still "active" in a sense, though no longer holding his title due to a chupa-thingy (Pettiness) taking his place. His actions continue to make ripples in the narrative, and he is still referred to as Anger.