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Sins, Chapter 4, page 4

Perrin was the host of the Sins before Rhett. Perrin became host in the time that Anger was getting fed up with being bound to hosts all the time. Despite unlocking Anger with the Sealing Stone from her gauntlet, Anger decided to use her as a pawn to gain complete freedom.

With Rhett already in stasis and wearing the silver gauntlet, Anger allowed a small portion of his spirit to possess him. Afterwards, the Sins were bound by Perrin. Then Anger had the possessed Rhett kill Perrin, but he still kept a hold of her mind. Because the new host was already chosen, the Sins did not die. After Rhett unlocked Anger at his temple, the remnant of Anger left within Perrin was able to raise her as an undead creature. At that point, Anger told the Sins that killing Rhett would set them free, since Perrin would still be under his control, and so the gauntlets would not be usable by the Virtues. However, it soon became clear that Anger had teamed up with the Virtues in order to remain the only Sin alive: if Rhett was killed, all bound sins would die, but because Anger had possession of Perrin, he would survive.

During the following battle, Anger possessed Perrin again, until Lust stabbed her, driving Anger from her body. Lust was quite upset by this, because this was the first time she had killed anything.


It was later discovered that Perrin's possessed spirit had survived. Anger, wanting revenge at the surviving Sins, had Perrin return to them and exact torment on them, until Pettiness (who, along with Fortune, was unaffected because he was from after Rhett's time) managed to capture her. The Sins tried to kill her again, but failed due to the continued possession. This led the Sins to enlist the help of Murdoch the necromancer.

Murdoch, assisted by Lust and Hoarding, built a Golem body for Perrin, while her spirit tormented Desire, Sloth, Craving, Fortune and Pettiness for the two weeks it took to finish it. After capturing Perrin's spirit, Murdoch offered the body to her. Possessing the Golem body drove the possession from Perrin's soul, and allowed her to live.

A couple of years later, Golem Perrin went to find Lust and Golem Rhett, because her body was breaking down. She wanted to die, and wanted Lust to kill her. Lust refused, and Perrin started to make threats to kill Murdoch, so that Rhett could never be resurrected as a Golem again. She also damaged Rhett's Golem body, thereby succeeding in infuriating Lust so much that Lust stabbed her in the chest, finally bringing Perrin's spirit to rest. She was buried in a simple grave.