Sins Venials- Perrin's Final Death

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Hoarding (Golem), Perrin

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Adam Schloss

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The Ninth chapter of Sins Venials finishes the Multi-Arc from Perrin (Chapter) and Golem (chapter). It takes place just before Baxter is Host.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter opens with a stronger-looking Harmond stacking crates. He is bothered by a weird little man with a steel eye. The weird little man is Hoarding's Golem body, reanimated in the same way that the two were from Baxter's story. He propositions Harmond to mess with the Sins, saying it just feels right to him.

Lust and Rhett have been having some fun. Lust still has her Golem body, but is being active and doing her job (being a force of Lust). Someone interrupts them, with a knock on the door. At the door is Perrin, and the Golem body that Murdoch crafted for her is falling apart. She is in alot of pain, and wants to die. She's to scared to, and wants to make Lust do it. Perrin threatens to kill Rhett, but she knows that if he dies, he'll just be brought back, so she walks away menacingly.

Perrin threatens to kill Necromancer Murdoch, meaning there would be no more Golem bodies. As Perrin begins to threaten to hurt Lust, Rhett takes action. Unfortunately, Perrin easily takes him out.

Up on a hill, watch Perrin beat Lust, are Harmond and Golem Greed. While Harmond isn't really enjoying it, Greed is laughing hysterically. It is revealed they tipped Perrin off about Lust's involvement. Perrin begins to kick Rhett while he's down, and Rhett's body begins to fall apart. Perrin makes more threats towar Murdoch, causing Lust to finally snap and stab Perrin.

Harmond see's that Perrin was just an innocent tortured soul that Golem Greed used and killed to make Lust's life more difficult. Golem Greed tells him thing don't always work out the way intended. Here we finally see that in the end, Harmond has changed and seen the light. It is no longer about profit for him. He punches Greed in the jaw, then pierces his chest with an arm. Golem Greed dies.

Several months later, Rhett has survived the permanently broken leg, and he walks around with a cane. They give Perrin a proper burial. The arc ends with a joke page between Rhett and Lust.