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The Pettiness golem was the physical body Murdoch made for Pettiness to inhabit after making one for Perrin's soul. Shaped like a dark-skinned male, the golem body allowed Pettiness to live like a human for a few years, and provided it with speech capabilities, until the body began to break down, and the power of the Sin started to bleed through. This caused the body to develop horns and a long tongue, impairing speech and requiring the golem to hide its identity with a long cowl, like a monk.

After meeting with the other golems, Pettiness decided it was time to return to his Sin status. After notifying the Vice that temporarily took over as Anger, the golems went to see Murdoch, requesting that he return them to normal. Deciding on the "fun" route, Murdoch smashed the golems to pieces with a large mallet. Pettiness lost most of its right side in the carnage run, including its right arm. The golem bodies were then dumped in a cave, to allow to break down. But because the essence of Anger was present in another golem left there, the Sin golems became infused with Anger's power.

The Pettiness golem returned during Baxter's stint as a superhero, making him deal out punishments for petty things, such as "being too loud" or "having dirty windows". Lust managed to break the influence, but ripped off Baxter's arm in the process. She then defeated the golem, ripping out its tongue. This injury destroyed the golem, causing it to spontaneously combust.