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Formerly Known As

None, Pride is an original sin


None, demons have no gender

Opposing Virtue




First Comic

Sins Venials Miranda (Chapter) 7

Fully Unlocked By


The first new original Sin introduced at the start of the comic, Pride is a shapechanger, able to reflect any person in any form. This matches well with his sin of choice, as he can reflect any person's ultimate desire. He also specializes in pointing out the pride in the actions of others, rather than just his own pride like Grandeur. He has a particularly good relationship with Lust.

The turning point in Pride's life was his time serving the host Miranda. His job was to fill in for her while she was trying to reform the Sins. After several months of this, the Sins saved a human who was drowning from a boat wreck. Pride, having grown tired of his job after the last few centuries, took this chance to step down by turning the human into the vice of Grandeur and promoting him to his position.

Despite no longer doing work as a Sin, Pride continues to remain active in the Spirit Realm, aiding the Sins when they drop by and helping to keep things as organized as possible.