Pride Gollum
Golem Pride






To be separated from Sloth (Golem)

Hair Color




First Comic

Sins Venials Todd (Chapter) 2

The Pride Golem was an artificial body created by Murdoch for Fortune to inhabit and experience human life. After two years of that, Fortune's luck-based powers began to leak out and affect her again, most notably with her winning the lottery and then having her house burn down. Her Golem body was destroyed by Murdoch along with the others.

The Pride Golem then gained sentience as a result. Forced to merge with the Sloth Golem in the Spirit Realm to survive, the two ended up sharing a body, forcing the Pride Golem to negotiate a deal with Todd in order to try and get a new body, as the Sloth Golem did nothing but sleep. However, the deal went sour and the two would up stuck in a two-headed body, still trapped in the Spirit Realm.

Pride Golem is significantly different from Fortune, notably being all-around meaner. She isn't above using foul language and threatened to leave Todd to be eaten by a bear if he turned her down.

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