Host Rhett

Sin Fully Unlocked






Hair Color



Deceased (Constantly being given a Golem body by Murdoch)

Gauntlet color


First Comic

Sins Chapter 1, Page 1

Rhett is the host of the original Sins comic and continues to be one of the most important characters in the series.

After his initial find of the Gauntlet and subsequent aging, Rhett set out to take care of the Sins the hard way. At the end of his journey, he quickly learned he was part of a plot by Anger and the Virtues to annihilate the other Sins using the zombified body of previous host Perrin. In the ensuing battle, Rhett was nearly killed by Anger, but saved by Lust, who had Anger banished. After healing up and turning down the position of Anger, Rhett and the Sins settled down for a modest lifestyle.

One year after their journey, Rhett asked Lust to marry him. She turned him down, not wanting him to be feared by his family(eventually, Lust discovers that Accena -another Host- was her mother). He asked again a year later, promising to keep it a complete secret. Lust agreed and the two lived out a happy unofficial marriage.

Years later, Lust had Rhett brought back as a Golem by Murdoch in order to defeat Luxuria in a contest for the position of Lust. While both were initially happy at this new prospect, Murdoch also relayed that he could only bring back a spirit so many times in a Golem before it became impossible. Deciding to make the most of their time, the two decided to live out what time Rhett had left in their Golem bodies, only to be interrupted by the golem of Perrin, seeking death. She tried threatening Rhett to make Lust kill her, which worked.

Rhett was brought back again in order to contact Anger and gain the ability to track the Lust Golem. He succeeded, making contact with ex-host Jin and relaying a message to Fortune in the process, but the knowledge that Rhett had been used as such sent Lust into a berserk rage. After she managed to calm down, she had another golem body built for Rhett to pull him out of where Anger was banished, as he gave up his previous body to perform the task.

Rhett is a focal point for the harmony of space and time, making his continued presence very important.

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