Chest, Forces him to share all possessions unless being used for evil



Opposing Sin


Weapon Of Choice


First Comic

Hair Color


Sharing is one of the Virtues, designated to oppose the Sin of Greed. His marking forces him to share his possessions when asked nicely, and if they are not to be used for evil. This fact was used against him by Rhett. When Sharing faced the Sins in Greed's temple, Rhett asked Sharing for both his sword and his towel (leaving him completely nude), before the temple guards were set on him. Since Greed's temple is inhabited by female guards only, Sharing was thrown out very quickly, and he has since refused to set foot inside the temple, calling it a "scary place".

Sharing does not trust the Sins, but he is not willing to fight them, either. He thinks they're jerks, but that they can be alright. He'll show up when Greed is taken to his altar, because Chastity will get angry otherwise, but he will not pose any threat, nor oppose the unlocking of Greed.

Sharing and Content appear to be in a relationship.

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