The Sins are the main characters in the Sins Venials webcomic. They are not evil, they simply perform the role of embodying the deadly sin they represent. However, they do enjoy their jobs, and they frequently give in to their desires.

The Sins created the gauntlets they inhabit now. By calling on the power of the gauntlets, the wielder could use the Sin's powers for themselves. However, this attracted the attention of the Virtues, who declared war on the Sins. The Sins bickered among themselves, intent on gaining power, whereas the Virtues fought like a team, and they defeated the Sins. The Sins lost their bodies, and they are now confined to serving Hosts.

Of all the Sins, only Lust and Sloth are Original Sins. The others have stepped down or were banished, and were replaced by one of their Vices. The Sins can abdicate their positions at will, unlike the Virtues, who are locked in their roles.

The seven current Sins (and their former identities) are:

Each Sin has a temple, a special place of power, where they can be unlocked by the current Host. In most cases, this place holds an altar with a slot for the gauntlet; however, in some cases, it is a ley line.