Serves Under



None, demons have no gender, but identifies itself as a female

Hair Color

Brown And Green

First Comic

Sins Venials Aceena (Chapter) 18

Slander is a naga-like Vice who resides primarily in the human realm. As payment to Murdoch's father for brewing a potion that saved Aceena's life, Lust used up a considerable chunk of power to keep Slander in the human realm as a demonic companion for Murdoch. Because Murdoch cannot enter the Spirit Realm, Slander gets to do any jobs that Murdoch requires done there. She seems to revel in this semi-freedom.

Slander is the pure embodiment of her vice, as she constantly remarks about the faults of people present while speaking, usually accompanied by a breath of flame. Her words can be so strong that she can cause fires with them. After spreading lies about many other demons, she was made a Vice, just so she'd be out of their hair.

Slander isn't all nasty, though, and she does have a kinder side, but she usually hides that beneath a mask of sarcasm.


Slander was the winning entry in the "Create a Vice" contest. She was designed by Kranna Stone. She was originally meant as a once-off character, but she has become so loved that she became a mainstay of the comic.