Sloth Gollum
Golem Sloth






To be seperated from Pride (Golem)

Hair Color




First Comic

Sins Venials Todd (Chapter) 3

The Sloth Golem was a creation of Murdoch for Sloth in order to take a human form. For the two years while Sloth inhabited this body, his power leaked out, causing his form to do nothing but sleep aside from eating and using the bathroom. As with the other Golems, the Sloth Golem was destroyed by Murdoch when the majority of the Sins decided to return to their original form.

However, like the other Golems, the Sloth Golem gained a life of its own. Too weak to maintain a body, it fused with the Pride Golem in the Spirit Realm, resulting in the two sharing a body. Whenever the Sloth Golem took control of the body, it did nothing but sleep due to Sloth's influence, leaving the Pride Golem to negotiate with Todd into making them a new body. Unfortunately, as a result of their deal, the two Golems ended up fused into a single, two-headed body, still stuck in the Spirit Realm.

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