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The Sixteenth Chapter of Sins Venials follows Stuart, a naive pirate host.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter begins with Stuart coming out of a comatose state with the silver Gauntlet. He summons Sloth. Stuart begins having a bit of a breakdown after noticing that he has (in his mind) rapidly aged. In his rage, he summons the rest of the Sins. After Envy speaks, Stuart punts his head off. He next punches Greed in the face. He spots Lust and Gluttony, who are humanoid, and mistakes them for humans. When he realizes his error, he runs away, then bumping into Pride who is very human looking. Although Pride reveals she isn't human, Stuart is still calm.

Pride explains the Sins to Stuart. It is then that he decides to be a pirate. So, they cause chaos in a pub to distract other ship captains while they steal a boat. When they actually board the ship, Pride takes over duty as leader, due to her knowledge of pirating, which she picked up from her time with Jin.

The crew goes looting other ships, but mainly ends up boarding educational boats shipping books. Eventually, they go ashore to sell loot. They all go they're separate ways, and Lust takes Stuart clothing shopping with him. While shopping, Stuart spots Pride entering a bounty hunter guild. Stuart and Lust follow her in, and find that she is researching Jin, an old host, who she loved as a daughter. They go to search for more information on her fate. They ask around a pub, but no one is old enough to remember the time of pirates. They come to a cave, where it is rumored the "Gin Pirate" once inhabited. Once there, Greed finds a star. Pride sees the star.

The star is identified as the Hierophant's star. Pride thinks that the Tarot, her old team, kidnapped/killed Jin to get revenge on Pride for betraying them. In her rage, Pride's powers activate, causing a tsunami to occur in the cave. To prevent this, Lust knocked Pride out.

After all of this happens, Chastity appears, telling Lust to give Pride a key. After she disappears, Lust snaps and starts beating on Labor with a coconut. The Sins decide to relax on board for a while, besides Pride who is bound a gagged to prevent natural disaster.

The comic skips forward a few years, and Stuart is now a young man. Lust decides he should start dating. She first tried to set him up with a succubus, one of Lust's vices possessing an attractive young human woman, but he got distracted from his urges by an astrology book. Stuart eventually ends up with a klutzy waitress with a degree in astrology, who ends up working on the crew.