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The second chapter of the Venials line follows Lust's encounter with the Tarot, a third force in the universe who seek out a new home, but are always turned away.

Plot SummaryEdit

The second chapter opens where the first left off. Lust followed Chastity to a hill where they share a talk. Lust proves that Sins don't act upon their jobs by revealing she's only had sex with two men (one is Rhett). Next, Chastity gives Lust her assignment, the favor she owes her.

Her assignment wass to remove the Tarots from the universe. If they stayed any longer, they would cause universal unbalance. She was going to just sneak in and surprise them, but the Hierophant caught her. He is a member of the Tarot and is an oblivious twit, as well as a magician. The Hierophant leads her back to the home of the Tarot, where she meets Empress, the leader. She introduces Fortune, a kind, giving girl, whose powers cause good or bad luck, depending on the day. She also introduces Justice, a warrior.

Lust sits down to eat lunch with them and reveals her mission, followed by stabbing Justice uncontrollably. Fortune reveals that, much to the shock of the others, they probably aren't immortal. Lust suggest that the Tarots leaves to save themselves. After they refuse, Lust reluctantly stabs Empress. That was the last straw, and Fortune admits defeat and she accepts leaving.

Something clicks in Lust's head. She begins to question Fortune, all of which she answers in a selfless way until she asks if she maintains her outer image, which she does. This is a show of Pride, and thus Fortune is recruited by Lust to replace Grandeur, who either quit or was kicked out. Meanwhile, Hierophant takes the bodies of Empress and Justice out of the world via portal, promising to take care of them.