The First Host

Sin Fully Unlocked

None- They were all already "Fully Unlocked"




None- They were all already "Fully Unlocked"

Hair Color






First Comic

Sins Venials Miranda (Chapter) 26

The First Host was a grunt fighter who aspired for power. To help him, the Original Sins, Sloth, Lust, Anger, Pride, Envy, Greed, and Gluttony, created two Gauntlets, one gold, one silver. The Gauntlets allowed the fighter to manipulate the Sin's powers. He used Pride to show a soldier his ultimate future, Envy made people desire what other people had, Gluttony made sure they were always hungry and needed other land's spoils. Lust made men crave war and yearn to go to battle, Greed promised them riches from other enemies. Sloth exhausted the enemy, and Anger just flocked to the battlefield.

Eventually the Virtues found out about the Sins' army and created their own. The nature of sin kept the Sin army fighting longer than morality kept the Virtues fighting, but eventually, the Virtues killed the warrior, and after a fight between the Sins and Virtues, during which the Sins were bickering with each other as the Virtues fought as a team, which the Sins lost. Their bodies were destroyed and they were then bound to the Gauntlets that they created.

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