The Hierophant
The Hierophant

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Sins Venials, Tarot chapter, page 62

The Hierophant (or Hiero for short) is a member of the Tarot. His name is basically "a needlessly fancy title", according to Fortune, meaning priest or magician. As a Tarot, Hiero is semi-immortal; if he dies, he will be reborn anew.

Hiero is a little child-like, very quick to trust, and he can also be stubborn. His child-like behaviour was painfully obvious after Lust stabbed his fellow Tarot Justice. Starting to doubt their immortality, Hiero exclaimed that he had always acted as if he was, so he could have died.

Hiero's powers are not yet fully revealed. His Tarot rebirth can be coupled to his own powers, resulting in sometimes amusing results (such as him being reborn as a female).

Hiero and Pride have a good friendship. After Fortune left to take up the mantle of Pride, he was the most enthusiastic of the Tarot to see her after her unlocking by Jin, still calling her Fortune even though a new Fortune had already been recruited.

Hiero wears a star amulet as a type of pendant. This was left in a cave after Jin met the Tarot, as a sign for Pride.

Hiero seems to be less concerned with world conquest than most of the other Tarot. He also does not get on with some of them. When Balance was sent to procure Tarot items for Chastity, Hierophant helped Balance, effectively betraying the Tarot. He refused to steal from The Lovers because they were always nice to him, however. He also showed his disdain for the new Fortune, not seeming to care when she got beaten to death by the Magician after having the Chariot's rebudding body thrown at her, because she'd be reborn anyway, and didn't have qualms about stealing some of her stuff.