The Timeline is divided up by Host periods.

Pre First HostEdit

The Universe is created.

The Sins, Vices and Virtues are created, to tempt and guide humanity.

Humanity is created.

After a while of coexisting, the Deadly Sins and the Holy Virtues begin to despise each other.

Arc: Lust's First Love

Arc: Sixth Member

The First HostEdit

Arc: Downfall

A grunt fighter aspires to be a great war leader. He lacks the means to do so.

The grunt enlists the help of the original Deadly Sins, Sloth, Lust, Anger, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, and Greed.

The Sins create two Gauntlets, enabling the grunt to become a great warrior.

The warrior creates a great army using the Gauntlets to manipulate those around him.

The Virtues realize what the Sins are doing, and assemble their own Holy Army.

A war between the Sin and Virtue occurs. For a while, the Sins seem like they are going to win. However, the Sins bicker among themselves, while the Virtues work as a team. Eventually the Sins are defeated, and the Warrior killed.


The Original Envy steps down, and Desire replaces him. Desire will not leave the Spirit Realm without Hoarding, who replaces Greed.

The Original Gluttony either steps down or is banished. An unknown Vice (possibly Feasting) replaces it.

There are several Hosts in this period.

Eventually, the Golden Gauntlet ends up in a church.

Miranda PeriodEdit

Arc: Miranda

Young church girl Miranda finds the Golden Gauntlet.

Sins tell her the story of The First Host.

Pride saves an aristocrats life, by surrendering his powers to him. The Aristocrat becomes Grandeur, replacing Pride. Miranda belives they are reformed.

Miranda is called to teach her religion.


Arc: Aceena

In exchange for Murdoch's father's help healing Aceena, Lust summons Slander to serve Murdoch.


Perrin was host before Rhett, but there isn't a chapter about this.


Arc: original Sins

Anger is replaced by Pettiness.


Arc: Aska


Arc: Tarot

Lust meets the Tarot. Fortune replaces Grandeur as Pride.


Arc: Perrin

Arc: Golem

Arc: Perrin's Final Death


Arc: Baxter

Arc: Murdoch

Golem Envy and Golem Gluttony move in with Murdoch.

Arc: Todd


Arc: Farmer


Arc: Jin

Desire retires as Envy, and is replaced by Flattery.


Arc: Alicia


Arc: Fluffy


Arc: Stuart

Arc: Valley of Darkness

Arc: Death

Arc: Conference

Arc: Balance

The Sins create Balance.

Meena and FinaEdit

Arc: Meena and Fina

Arc: Anti-Filo

Arc: Holiday


Arc: Fletcher

Arc: Thief


Arc: Maxwell and Tobin


Arc: Addison

Arc: Tarot Gauntlet


Arc: Breck

Angry that the Sins ignored him, Flattery quits as Envy without telling anyone, throwing the world out of balance.


Arc: Marlowe

Jealousy becomes Envy.

Arc: Lust Golem


Arc: Pace

Arc: Fire

Arc: Luxuria

Arc: Book

Arc: Uprising

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