Sins Venials- Todd

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Pride (Golem), Sloth (Golem)

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Adam Schloss

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The Thirteenth chapter of Sins Venials follows Necromancer Todd, who uses obvious assumptions to make it seem like he is contacting the dead (cold reading).

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter opens with Todd working for a woman as a Necromancer. Todd claims to contact the woman's mother, who is forgiving. Todd is next walking in the woods and is attacked by a beast. As he flees, he enters a Void.

In the Void, revealed to be part of Limbo, he sees Pride (Golem). Pride needs something of Todd. As she is explaining, she transforms and becomes Sloth (Golem). Todd tries to run away, and he transforms back. Pride reveals that her and Sloth's bodies are bound together, and they are stuck in the Spirit Realm. Todd agrees them to get them a new body in exchange for not being left to die in a monster's hands. Pride transforms back and Todd slips away once again, seeing somebody jump through a space. Todd asks her to wait, and she is revealed as Slander. Todd asks her for help with Pride and Sloth.

Slander fetches Murdoch, a true Necromancer. They exchange small talk, and Murdoch reveals he knows Todd as the fraud he is, disgracing Necromancers. Todd convinces Murdoch to help with his situation.

Murdoch builds the Golems new bodies...well, one new body. They are now a two headed hermaphrodite. Despite this, they let Todd go out of anger. Todd is released back to Earth where he is killed by a beast.