Vices are underlings of the Sins. Each Vice of a Sin embodies a specific branch of the Sin it serves under. The number of Vices is not fixed, unlike the number of Sins; a Sin may have any number of vices at any time.

If a Sin abdicates, or is banished, a Vice may step up to take the former Sin's place. However, vices do not necessarily have to be demons, or even original Forces or spirits. A Sin can tap a mortal as a new Vice, who will then embody the quality of the Vice.

Vices live in the Demon Realm, just like most of the other demons.

Known vices (current/former Sins) include:

Lust vices

Pride vices

Greed vices

Gluttony vices

Anger vices

Envy vices

  • Desire
  • Flattery
  • Jealousy
  • Slander (she was designed under Envy for the "Create a Vice" contest, though it is Lust keeping her in the human realm)

Unknown leaders

  • Avarice (unseen but mentioned in passing, most likely a Gluttony or Greed vice; there are no plans to introduce the vice in detail)
  • Devotion (Desire's girlfriend, maybe an Envy vice)

Sloth has no known vices, but presumably has some.