The Virtues are the seven forces opposing the Sins. While they stand for the forces of good, their job titles do not necessarily reflect their personal natures. All of the Virtues are marked with their title somewhere on their body; this mark exerts its power upon each Virtue, forcing the Virtue to follow its meaning.

Virtues are immortal. They can be hurt, but not killed; at least, not by each other. Unlike the Sins, who can leave their position and have it filled by a Vice, Force or a human, the Virtues can't quit their position unless people stop believing in them completely.

The Virtues live in Limbo, a white, empty expanse. It is quite possible that the boring nature of their home caused the Virtues to become as jaded as they are.

The seven Virtues are:

If a Sin approaches the temple where they can be unlocked, the corresponding Virtue is required to try and prevent the Sin from attaining its full power, though they have attacked early several times to try and defeat the Sins while they're weakened. However, some of the Virtues have quit trying to oppose the Sin's unlocking (Content and Sharing being the main ones).